1. goal: to make the customer satisfied
2. business philosophy:

professional casting excellence
Strength of scale casting
Managing casting benefit
Good faith casting friendship
Innovative foundry quality
Quality casting trust

3. all requirements:
All weather - 24 hours hotline consultation, 24 hours repair urgent, 48 hours maintenance in place.
All in all, provide comprehensive pre-sale consultation, inspection, sale, design, installation, commissioning, and after-sale repair and maintenance services.
Full professional - expert service team, professional service tools, 100% professional services to ensure the quality of service.

4. no leakage:
Record users' information without fail and set up computer files.
A record of problems reflected by users and feedback to relevant departments.
To solve the problems of users without delay and to satisfy users' satisfaction.
A retrospective visit is made to review the problems reflected by users and track them regularly.

5. free of charge:
Free design - based on architectural features and user needs;
Free delivery - after the user ordered the product, he delivered the door free of charge according to the time specified by the user.
Free installation - free installation for professionals and teach users how to use them.
Free consultation service hotline provides users with advisory services.
Free service - warranty period is part of product quality and installation services, free service.

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