"China is listening to" the beauty dance equipment

  World news, a few days ago, the aircraft carrier program, "China is listening", is now in the closing stage. From the network exposure of the current journalist, the program team has paid great attention to the technology hardware in the dance. It is reported that, in line with the "extreme quality" of the Internet product thinking, to show the audience the extreme sense of the program and experience, the program group has been exploring many optimization programs in the preparatory stage.

"The wall of destiny" unveils the first time the veil is comparable to the iPhone projection.

  "China is listening" is a large reality show. The stage area hoisting equipment is far beyond the lifting weight of the conventional TV column. The reporter came to the 2200 square meter studio in the South five ring of Beijing. It was the first time to see many mysterious veils of the program, and the demand for the 100 percent security program production was made. During the process, the program group used large span TRUSS trusses in China for the first time (32 meters wide, 15 meters high, and 8 meters deep). According to the staff, the weight of the equipment was suspended by up to 5500 kilograms, equivalent to "2 elephants", to achieve the purpose of not discounting the effect of equipment hoisting and safety. As for the process and the invisibility on the screen, the weight data can also be regarded as "the strongest in history".

"China is listening" the first batch of preparations for photo exposure by international dance team

  There is also one of the most intuitive feelings for reporters here is to come to a "international" construction site, and many foreign staff members to participate in the entire program to build and prepare for the dance, this is the first sight of the domestic reality show, here can feel a strong "international" team work atmosphere. In depth, we know that the lighting team of the program is fully responsible for the Nick Whitehouse and the Emmy prize winner Joshua Hutchings, a famous international lamplight who has won the Grammy Awards and has a number of large award ceremony lighting experiences. According to the on-site staff, the number of the program lighting equipment is two times to three times the number of the original Israeli equipment, and the "China is listening to" all the lighting equipment before the construction of all the new light bulbs, do fine maintenance and maintenance work, can be called "the strongest light"!

"China is listening to" production team photo, "foreigners are busy, international full."

  As a "ear and eye revolution" that breaks the conventional and creative, "China is listening" is trying to become the most expected and most subversive reality show of the audience at the end of the year. In this part of the dance, "the big wall" is the highlight of the program's core hardware. At the scene of the preparation, the reporter has also experienced the great charm of this "huge wall of fate", which is the largest 180 degree ring curtain in the history, which may be seen in the central stage of the giant curtain. The various information effects that the wall "conveyed at any time" are like the "iPhone" smart screen experience, and when the "giant wall" rises, it is greeted by "light" and audience scenes, such as "the dawn of music", which may be the shock of this "huge wall of fate", which can only be truly experienced by personal experience. Kind of stage feeling.

"China is listening" production team photo 2; "foreigners are busy, international full."

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