New concept of stage supervision

  The big screen opened and it was on. The new version of Verdi's opera "Na cloth" launched by the National Grand Theater was invited to the Oscar prize winner Frank Scualcha Pino as a costume design, and a generation of legendary opera masters Domingo was the leading role. Under the light, from the temple of Jerusalem to the Grand Palace of Babylon, from the legendary Babel Tower to the Baal temple, the audience is entering a solemn and atmospheric History Museum, and the perfect interpretation of Domingo has pushed the scene to a climax. In the light of the light, a person co ordinated all the details of the stage, 3 hours of performance, and his figure was almost everywhere in the stage. He was the stage supervision of the "nob" and the chief stage supervision of the National Grand Theatre Ma Weimin.

  Most people are not familiar with the career of stage supervision, let alone stage supervision system. Ma Weimin said, in short, the stage supervisor is responsible for the perfect embodiment of the main creative plan and the artistic presentation of the stage. "At the early stage of rehearsal, the stage supervision should be familiar with the director's plan, work together with the director to study the concrete arrangements of the plan and undertake the rehearsal of the over-the-counter supervision and control the work of the various arts departments, so as to ensure the implementation of the plan. After the stage synthesis stage, the stage supervision will take over all the performance tasks from the director and carry out all the organization and management of the stage and backstage during the performance. And the stage supervision system is just like our hands and feet, which is an essential tool to assist us in action. Ma Weimin said.

  All the work is for the final performance. "During the performance, the stage supervision took the overall situation, such as the schedule of the schedule, the arrival of the actors, the arrangement before the performance, the performance of the actors, the situation of the stage and the curtain of the curtain." Ma Weimin said that stage supervision is the only commander in the field. With the development of science and technology, especially the rapid development of the Internet and digital technology, the role of stage supervision is also given the concept of the new era. The stage supervision is no longer purely manual labor, but now it is embodied in new technology technology. In the flexible application, only the new technology of science and technology is applied flexibly to the stage supervision, can the whole performance be more smooth and safer, which is also an important part of the perfect performance of the whole performance.

  The scene is constantly changing, and stage managers must be good at dealing with all kinds of unexpected situations. The traditional stage supervision depends on the person's special person in charge, which will lead to some unexpected situations that are not particularly timely or even the effect of the whole performance, but the advanced stage supervision system has been quoted in foreign countries to help the whole stage supervision work to ensure the whole process of the performance. Later, we also introduced foreign stage supervision system technology to the development of our stage art. Although this greatly improved the quality of stage supervision, the stage supervision system in China is not only subject to foreign technical monopoly, but also the difference between Chinese and Western culture, which makes some stage supervision effect and our country. The wind of the nation is not too collocation, which requires that we must have their own stage supervision system to assist the development of our cultural and artistic undertakings.

  In recent years, our country's economy has developed rapidly, the innovation of science and technology has also made the world marvel, the continuous development of our cultural and artistic cause and the continuous spread of stage art. At the same time, the digital stage supervision system developed by Heng de science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been the creation of digital technology industry in China's 12th Five-Year plan. One of the new representatives is on the world stage. The invention and innovation of this technology not only fills the gap in our country, but also breaks the monopoly of the foreign stage supervision system technology, but also surpasses the foreign stage supervision system technology, and "digital stage supervision system" in the international scientific and technological products exhibition. Even the foreign enterprises are willing to further communicate and communicate with each other so as to have the opportunity to strengthen cooperation.

  The "digital stage supervision system" of Heng de went to the city quickly after entering the city. The National Grand Theater, the Qingdao Grand Theatre, the Shanghai song and dance theatre, the Shenzhen theatre, the Shanghai Meggie theatre, the Qionghua theatre and other cities all have quoted the stage supervision system and all gave high evaluation. In recent years, Heng de Technology Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements in other fields of science and technology, such as "intelligent emergency rescue command and dispatch system, intelligent city construction, public safety early warning system" and so on. Heng de firmly believes that only through the implementation of the public innovation advocated by the state and the unified leadership of all innovations, can enterprises be better and innovative, and only in this way will society develop together in a harmonious way.

  With the increasing popularity of drama, dance drama, opera and other forms of art, stage supervision has been paid more and more attention, and new concepts of the times have been given. From 2010 to 2013, as many as 40 large theaters have been built and will be built in China, almost every theater needs stage supervision, and the digital stage supervision system is in short supply. "The domestic demand for stage supervision is very large." Ma Weimin said, unfortunately, the domestic colleges and universities have no stage supervision related disciplines and specialties. At present, the stage supervision of the theatrical troupes is mostly through their own practice to accumulate operation experience, of course, as a necessary assistant for the stage supervision staff, the wide application of the digital stage supervision system is essential.

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