Central Opera House Project


       Heng de "digital stage supervision and command system" applies information technology to stage scheduling, which is an innovation of the perfect integration of culture and science and technology in the field of public cultural services. The system applies information technology to stage scheduling, and realizes all-around, real-time monitoring and monitoring. Changing the traditional stage scheduling system, the system is different, the equipment is not compatible, the system is incompatible, the system is complicated, the operation is tedious, it is easy to make mistakes, and the maintenance is inconvenient. It improves the efficiency of the stage coordinated dispatch, the command and dispatch, and ensures the safety and fluency of the stage performance and the field command adjustment. To enhance the equipment level of all kinds of cultural performing venues in China, and to enhance the public service quality and service efficiency of cultural and Performing Arts in China. At present, it has been debugged at the Central Opera stage and has achieved good results.

  "Digital stage supervision system" uses advanced digital communication technology, computer network technology, audio and video fusion technology and multimedia technology to establish a modern stage communication integrated system with the functions of stage supervision, monitoring, command and scheduling. It has the director, dance beauty, director, sound division, and audio division. The lighting division, the actor and the related business posts are point to point, point to point, multi point and multi point multi system cooperative operation command and dispatch platform. A set of equipment can meet the full range of 360 degrees video supervision and control and stage command and dispatch. At the same time, it can realize remote monitoring, command and dispatch function, the effective combination of cable and wireless, fixed and maneuver, and meet the needs of various fixed places and outside field.

  The system fills the market gap of digital stage integrated equipment at home and abroad, and has obvious promotion to the technical service ability, service quality and technical support ability of all kinds of public cultural stadiums in China. At present, this dance beauty system is popular with all kinds of performance venues, and its future development direction will be greatly improved. Beyond the current definition of technical services, we will provide new innovations for society and culture.

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