Shenzhen Grand Theater Project

    In September 7, 2016, the audio and video solution of "digital stage supervision system" of HDD Technology Co., Ltd. stood out in the bidding of the Shenzhen Grand Theater's intelligent stage renovation project, and took on the renovation project of the digital stage system of the theatre.
    The Shenzhen Grand Theatre is one of the eight famous cultural facilities in the Special Economic Zone invested by the municipal government in 1984, and officially opened in 1989. The Shenzhen Grand Theatre has made unremitting efforts to carry forward the excellent culture of the nation, support and advocate elegant art as its own task, and to create a high level art space in Shenzhen. Since the opening of the theatre, the Grand Theatre has been optimizing and reconstructing the new technology and equipment since its opening. It has made the Grand Theater, as always, to undertake the major festival activities of the government, to provide more exquisite art products for the citizens, to meet the citizens' demand for elegant art and to realize the cultural rights of the citizens. With a brand new attitude, it will make greater contributions to Shenzhen's strategy of "building the city of culture" and building Shenzhen into a modern cultural city.

    The scheme integrates the audio video system, network system, signal shielding system, amplifying system and other LED display systems required by all theaters. It not only fits the stage application completely, forms the effective and complete audio and video integration solutions needed for the theater, but also changes the traditional stage supervision and control command. It is incompatible, incompatible, complicated, complicated, complicated, easy to make mistakes, inconvenience and limited distance, easy to be disturbed by signal, low security, high cost and many other inconveniences and disadvantages. The safety and fluency of the field command and dispatch.

    The "digital stage supervision system" used in the transformation of Shenzhen Grand Theatre is one of the research achievements of "12th Five-Year science and technology support plan" of the research team of Heng de science and technology limited company. It has reached the international level, not only filling the market gap in this field in the domestic and foreign markets, but also the integration of modern cultural and technological innovation. The demonstration products of the product have been paid attention to by the leaders of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of culture and other national leaders. It will be a great innovation and progress in the improvement of the equipment and equipment of literature and art. This solution will be the standard of the Shenzhen Grand Theatre, which has an effective and exemplary role in the integration of the theater audio and video.

All dimensional layout of Heng de digital stage supervision system

    After 3 months of careful transformation, the Shenzhen Grand Theater was officially opened to the outside world in December 2016, and the digital stage supervision system of the Heng De is officially opened, and the digital stage supervision system is perfectly combined with the facilities and equipment on the scene after many times of debugging and verification by the theatre, and in the follow-up of all theatre activities and tables. The performance of the theatre leaders was highly recognized and praised.

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