Jiaozhou wisdom Park

  The Jiaozhou functional area of the bonded port area is an important function supporting zone of Qingdao Qian Wan bonded port area. The development concept is "Zhongzhi Cheng Yuan", blending wisdom with the city and innovating for the people. In 2014, China (Qingdao) civil construction technology park was taken as the project carrier, and will focus on the development and introduction of high-end equipment manufacturing, new and new technology and new products and new materials and research and design, high-tech incubation, cultural and artistic exhibition creation and international procurement and distribution centers and other formats and projects. In August 2015, Heng de science and Technology Co., Ltd. took on the construction project of the digital multi-function exhibition hall of the Jiaozhou functional area of the bonded port area, combined with the unique industrial radiation advantages of the functional area, fully examined the existing resources of the surrounding industry and the company's existing scientific research achievements in the digital dance beauty technology field to optimize the design and construction of the multi-function exhibition hall. This project will be applied to the project in order to improve the scientific and technological innovation of the multi-function exhibition hall and integrate the cultural and creative planning of the Jiaozhou functional area. The company's national cultural and technological innovation project, "the research and development and application of the digital stage integration system based on rapid creativity and virtual interaction", is widely used in literature and art activities, consumption and entertainment, strong artistic style, cultural display and communication in the heart and so on, and one of the scientific research achievements. The application of the stage supervision system greatly improves the intelligent construction of the functional area, improves the public safety early warning performance of the park, and makes the concept of Rong Hui's development in the city to be built in the park.

  The Jiaozhou functional zone in the bonded port area is striving to develop into a pioneer of Jiaozhou equipment manufacturing industry and international technology communication and integration, and constructs a new highland of the high-end equipment industry of national independent innovation and intelligent technology. The "digital stage supervision system" of Heng De's "digital stage supervision system" has reached the international leading level by the national expert group review. It also fills the market gap of the digital stage integrated equipment products at home and abroad. The long-term cooperation with the Jiaozhou functional area is not only conducive to the promotion of the scientific research results of the company, but also the promotion of the scientific research results of the company. It is to promote the development of the strategic goals of the functional areas and achieve a win-win situation.

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