In June 2012, the Central Opera House and Qingdao Heng de Real Estate Group Co operated with each other to form Heng de Technology Co., Ltd. Approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the company is registered and established in the west coast economy new area of Qingdao. The registered capital is 80 million yuan. It is the design, development and construction of dance technology, audio and video, intelligent communication, emergency rescue, multimedia engineering, security monitoring and control project, computer information system integration and software and hardware development, IT consulting service. Integrated technology integration company.

  Enterprise technology: the core products of the company all have independent intellectual property rights. At present, there are more than 30 registered intellectual property rights, including patents, software copyright, papers and so on. The "intelligent emergency rescue command system" developed by the company has been applied to the brigade of the economic and technical development zone of the Qingdao public security fire brigade, and has passed the standardization evaluation of the science and Technology Bureau. The results have been approved by many experts and professors. It is believed that the overall level of the research achievement has reached the international leading level and has filled the country. The "digital stage supervision system" has been successfully published in the Central Opera House and passed through the evaluation of Qingdao's scientific and technological achievements. The expert group agrees that the project research results have reached the international leading level in this field, and the system has already been in the country. The central centralized control system of the independent research and development of the intelligent exhibition hall is a flexible and convenient multimedia interactive control system, which has the advantages of simple and concise control, strong extensibility, simple and flexible operation and low cost. It has been applied in the women's and children's activities center in the Southern District and has been well received by the users. The stage visual presentation system of convenient and multi control coordination, the dance beauty design and the scene rehearsal system of the combination of virtual reality and reality are tested by the Anhui software evaluation center and obtained the certificate.

  Market: since the establishment of the company in 2012, the development of computer integration projects, the application of digital dance beauty technology and the development of dance beauty products, the design and development of emergency rescue system, urban landscape design and construction, security engineering construction, weak electric engineering construction, design and development of computer system integration, computer system integration, and computer system integration The sales of software, etc. We are committed to providing users with suitable solutions, comprehensive after-sales service and strong technical support. The scope of service covers the fields of theatre, park, government, hospital, bank, school, large enterprise, hotel, property community, style and entertainment, housing construction and transportation. Its engineering quality and service quality have been well received by users from all walks of life, operating income has been increasing year by year, and the proportion of technology income in operating income has gradually increased.

Histogram of business income and technology related income in recent three years

  Talent: the company has more than 50 professional and technical personnel in software development and system integration, 1 senior project managers, 4 project managers, 55% undergraduate and 17% master students. The company pays attention to the management and training of human resources. All the staff have good professional quality.

  Management: the company aims at the digital dance beauty products, an fan project, information system integration, audio and video system integration and other projects to establish a quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO9001:2008 standard. Through the implementation and maintenance, continuous improvement, the quality policy and quality objectives are achieved. Ensure that products meet customer satisfaction and meet legal and regulatory requirements. At the same time, we set up the management system of the articles of association of the information system development project, the software development and testing management system, the customer service system, the human resource management system and so on. The project bears a strong capital and technical strength, the scientific research advantage is obvious, and has a number of independent core technologies, patents and intellectual property. Our company has the ability to develop and manufacture products that are beneficial to social and economic development. And after the previous research, we found that the products are developed successfully in the professional and market parties. There is a lot of space for application.

  In addition, HSI technology makes use of its relatively low human cost to improve the speed and quality of R & D, and through the continuous renewal of products, it forms a preemptive advantage in technology and patents. With the quality and service of the product to improve brand awareness, at the same time, the enterprise culture and good organization and management ability to transform the efficient operation of the enterprise into efficient output and create greater value.

  In view of the key problems and technical difficulties of the current fire rescue command and dispatch system, the project research team focuses on the voice and video return and positioning technology in the complex environment, closely combining the actual application requirements of the fire control command center to the rescue scene, and closely with the Shanghai Bao Ya safety equipment Limited by Share Ltd with strong technical strength Cooperation, realizes the key business functions of the intelligent omni-directional video surveillance, command and dispatch, cluster intercom, location, security early warning, and so on. It can truly realize the immediate, interactive, safe and effective command and dispatch function, and meet the communication needs of the rescue site.

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