Heng De, R & D and cultivation base

  Recently, the Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Bureau issued the notice of "2015 Qingdao enterprise R & D center cultivation base list", and 12 enterprises such as HSI de science and Technology Co., Ltd. have been approved to organize the cultivation base of Qingdao enterprise R & D center in 2015.

  Founded by the Central Opera House and the central region of the Qingdao hang de home group, the company has been registered and established in the west coast economy new area of Qingdao by the State Administration of industry and commerce. The registered capital is 80 million yuan. The company provides professional products and techniques in the aspects of digital dance beauty technology, public safety early warning, emergency command and dispatch, digital fusion communication, intelligent city construction, audio video, intelligent communication, network planning, multimedia engineering, electronic engineering, network and information integration, design and application of security monitoring and control engineering. Service and solution is a high-tech enterprise integrating digital product research, development, production and industrial operation.

  Since its founding, the company has a wide range of talented people, and has a strong technical and scientific research strength. At present, the company has a number of independent core technologies, patents and copyright, and has undertaken a number of scientific research tasks in the state and provinces and cities. Among them, the research and development and application of the digital dance platform integrated system based on rapid creativity and virtual interaction is subject to the subject of the research and application of the digital dance platform integrated system Included in the national "12th Five-Year" science and technology support plan and the national "cultural and technological innovation project". As one of the demonstrative products of digital public cultural service equipment at home and abroad, "digital stage supervision system" has been applied in many theaters, such as the Central Opera House, Qingdao Grand Theatre, and the Meggie theater in Shanghai, and the evaluation of the results of scientific and technological achievements in Qingdao. As a result, the project research results have reached the international leading level, which not only fills the market gap of the digital stage integrated equipment products, but also leads the stage of China's stage supervision and control system into the era of digital and intelligent.

  Heng de science and technology is committed to the future development of the most forward-looking, most influential digital dance beauty, intelligent city, intelligent community, digital security, public safety early warning, emergency scheduling and other leading technology leading enterprises. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "virtue, dedication, forward looking and win-win", the company adheres to the core values of "integrity, cooperation, learning and innovation", adhering to the principle of "honesty and service first", and wholeheartedly with the most advanced technology to provide all users with high quality products and perfect service, and the vast number of users. Cooperation with colleagues, cooperation and win-win. The development concept and innovation spirit of Heng de digital dance beauty Technology Co., Ltd. coincides with the development of Qingdao enterprise R & D center cultivation base. It is believed that under the joint efforts of all companies, the construction of the development center of Qingdao enterprise R & D center will surely achieve brilliant achievements.

  The cultivation base of Qingdao enterprise R & D center mainly supports the enterprises to carry out R & D conditions construction, key technology tackling, innovative product development, scientific and technological personnel training and technical exchange and cooperation. By establishing the cultivation base of enterprise R & D center, we can give full play to the guiding and driving role of financial funds, further deepen the status of the main body of enterprise technological innovation, and lay a solid foundation for the enterprises to declare the key laboratory and Engineering Technology Research Center in the future.

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