Guangzhou International Exhibition

  The annual "China (Guangzhou) international professional lighting, sound Exhibition" and "Guangzhou (International) performing equipment, intelligent sound and light product technology exhibition" was held as scheduled. As a professional digital supervision system technology innovation enterprise and equipment manufacturer, HSI digital dance beauty Technology Co., Ltd. was concentrated on the exhibition. In the year 12th Five-Year, the "12th Five-Year" national support plan research results, the "digital stage supervision system" with its stable performance, industry leading technology and broad application prospects, has obtained the high praise and unanimous approval of domestic and foreign industry experts and tourists, purchasers.


Foreign exhibitors understand the system

  The system is an integrated application of Internet technology, digital technology, multimedia technology and audio and video technology in the field of stage performance. It is a forward-looking work of the typical cultural and technological integration innovation. It is a demonstration product of the digital public culture service equipment. As the most advanced culture and technology equipment, it is filled with the most advanced products. The market gap of digital stage integrated equipment products at home and abroad is analyzed. The appearance of the double exhibition in Guangzhou has aroused great interest from industry experts and exhibitors and purchasers. It is favored by the large performing arts units. This double exhibition has achieved more than 200 equipment sales and reached more than 70 million yuan.


Deep communication between customers and Exhibition staff

  The design of "digital stage supervision system" is closely related to the concept of "intellectualization and humanization". It is a modern stage communication integration system with functions of stage supervision, monitoring, command and scheduling. It has the points between the stage director, dance beauty, director, sound division, lighting division, actors and related business posts. The integration platform of multi point and multi point multi point multi point system cooperative operation command and dispatch can realize remote monitoring, command and dispatch function, the effective combination of wired and wireless, fixed and maneuver, which can meet the needs of various fixed places and outside field, improve the stage coordinated scheduling and command adjustment. The efficiency of the degree ensures the safety and fluency of the stage performance and the field command and dispatch, and quickly strengthens the public service quality and service efficiency of the culture and performing arts of our country.


Heng de staff introduces the digital stage supervision system for Shenzhen Grand Theatre.

  At the exhibition, many experts from the stage performing arts industry in China give a high evaluation of the system's excellent practical performance and scientific and technological lead. The exhibitors in India and Russia are also very optimistic about the product and are interested in further communication and communication to strengthen cooperation.


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