Heng de products go out of the country

  The United States LDI international light and sound technology exhibition, hosted by PENTON MEDIA in October 23, 2015, is held in the western city of Las Vegas, one of the world's most leading lighting and audio technology exhibitions. After 27 years of growth, LDI has grown into the largest trade exhibition in North America with field entertainment technology, with experts from various fields such as lighting, acoustics, stunt, stage technology and other fields to witness the latest products in the industry. At the same time, relevant traders, buyers and retailers are also coming to exchange new products and technologies in the industry. This exhibition is the highlight of this exhibition, especially the "digital stage supervision system", which is the most advanced digital supervision system in our country is also the independent research and development technology of our country. The breakthrough of this technology not only breaks the field of this field. Directly monopolized by foreign technology, it embodies China's scientific and technological innovation, public innovation and technological innovation. Before and after the exhibition, the organizers also arranged a variety of special symposiums, seminars, education topics, new exhibits and so on, which not only greatly enriched the show's program, but also made the audience with the exhibitors better communication and communication to get more information.


  The continuous fire effect of the digital stage supervision system developed by Heng de science and Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted a lot of attention from the United States and the same industry and even other industries in China and South China. As an invited Chinese enterprise, the "digital stage supervision system" carried by Heng de digital dance Technology Co., Ltd. is an integrated system with advanced digital and computer network technology, audio and video technology, multimedia technology, set up stage supervision, monitoring, command, adjustment and other functions. A set of equipment and an interface can realize the overall control of stage calls and video surveillance. It realizes point to point, point to point and multi point to multi point real-time audio and video communication between stage director, dance beauty, director, sound division, lighting division, actor and related business posts, so as to meet the requirements of supervision and control in the performance field and the overall coordination of business. This scientific and technological innovation has filled the market gap of the domestic and foreign cultural and scientific and technological equipment products, and will lead the stage of China's stage supervision and control system into the era of digital and intelligent. The exhibition of "digital stage supervision system" of this exhibition has not only been greatly affirmed and praised by the organizers of the conference, but also has been actively interviewed and communicated with other related media and colleagues, and there are many related industries with us to show that there will be opportunities for further cooperation in the future.


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