Heng de stage supervision participate the art exhibition

  In from November 26 to 29, 2015, "China's third stage art exhibition" was held at the Beijing exhibition hall. According to the introduction, since the founding of new China, in 1982 and 2003, held the two national exhibition of stage art. The exhibition, which has been launched again after 13 years, is of course the focus of attention of the industry.

  As a great cultural country, the development of stage art has attracted much attention. Shandong is a major opera province. The creation of stage art often brings forth new and refreshing highlights, some of which are popular classics. This time, the Shandong Academy of stage arts selected 33 stage productions of our province to participate in the exhibition, and won the unanimous praise from the experts and spectators. For our province's stage art creation, in this exhibition, in addition to the opportunity to show the "bright rhyme dye Qilu" creative achievements, in the exchanges with the national counterparts in the exchange of discussions, also greatly opened up the field of vision. In addition, as a province, we are invited to participate in the stage art exhibition and the digital stage supervision system of the digital stage supervision system. The continuous innovation and development of the digital stage supervision system not only plays the role of the security guard of the development of the stage art, but also the cultural development and science of our country. Combining technological innovation with common progress and keeping pace with the times. The development and progress of the country needs the innovation and application of science and technology, and the development of culture and art, especially the stage art, needs innovation and more flexible application. Only in this way, can a country's comprehensive strength develop in an all-round way without development incongruity or even the malformation of development.


  The theme of this exhibition is "creative space and cultural ecology", with the aim of focusing on the opening of the concept of "great dance beauty", and thus triggering our understanding and thinking about the sustainable development of culture.

  The exhibition area is set at the core of theatrical stage design, exhibiting more than 20000 works of the 3000 s in the country and some advanced technology products of the advanced stage supervision system in China. These works not only show the latest achievements in national dance creation, talent training and scientific and technological innovation over the past decade, but also show that the role of the digital stage supervision system is becoming more and more important for the security guard played by more and more applications in the industry.

  In the exhibition area, in addition to the independent exhibition area of the stage art society of various provinces, the exhibition area is divided according to the major of stage art, such as performance design, lighting design, sound design, dress makeup design, and digital stage supervision system innovation technology products.

  Cao Lin, President of the China Academy of stage arts, said that the ultimate embodiment of a stage art design is inseparable from the concerted efforts of various departments. "Not only should there be a special design for the performance, but also the need for integrated lighting, clothing, makeup, equipment, props, sound design and multimedia design, and more importantly, the security guard work of the stage theater, which requires us to adopt more comprehensive science and technology to do the work of this security guard." Do. So, we advocate the concept of "big dance beauty".

  The stage presents a "big mind"

  Our province is invited to participate in this exhibition. There are 33 repertoires and Heng de Technology Co., Ltd., independently developing R & D innovative technology products "digital stage supervision system". The 33 repertoire is based on the Tenth China Arts Festival Competition and performance repertoire. Among them, the new LV drama "the Secretary of the people", a new Lv "home" of the Chinese opera academy award, as well as the "Wen Hua prize" of the Peking Opera "Rui Shang Xiang" and the dance drama "Red Sorghum" were included.


  The performances of these repertoires have caused quite a stir, and the stage of flexible application of digital technology has also been widely acclaimed. The expert introduction, not only the stage art design is an important part of the stage performance, the stage supervision system technology innovation application is also an indispensable part. The stage art design can have a great influence on the evolution and advancement of the plot. Its novel artistic conception and art modeling means can greatly extend the stage space and improve the stage. The artistic appeal can make the audience and the work more perfectly integrated, and the flexible application of the digital stage supervision system is to escort the whole performance, and the role of the security guard can not be ignored.

  Cao Lin said: "there are many local operas. The people of Shandong, with the broad bosom of Haina, absorb the cooperation between the provincial designers and the local designers, and jointly promote the prosperity of the stage art, as well as the birthplace of the most advanced digital stage supervision system technology at present in our country. The innovation and flexible application of this technology and technology all make the stage fine arts of Shandong whole. The state is in the leading level in the country. "

  The concept of "digital stage technology" and "theater" should be shuffled.

  In the evaluation of the sword, the innovation of the Shandong stage art is also manifested in the following: in the early stage, the forefathers of the stage art of the stage in our province were using a brand new idea in the opera stage to use the "green carpet" and the "flower carpet" on the traditional stage. The newly introduced stage art has inherited various styles of development. "Zhang Fei" in "the gate" of the Liu opera, the ornamental flavor of the stone frame of the Han Dynasty and the heart of the sky, the simple village style of the kite in the dance drama, the traditional appearance of the ancient stage of the big string opera "two hills", the Shandong Bangzi "the two Langshan" shows the cut Canyon wood of the sinister environment, the dance drama "Red Sorghum" paper-cut yarn The red sorghum, the blood knife hanging from the curtain, the space of the city wall of the sky, the opera "Zhao orphan" in a square shape, supplemented by white, red, blue large color blocks, form a thick and square classical spirit... Stage art, according to the different styles of the play, continues the creative ideas of past independence, inheritance and innovation, and active cutting-edge. Another is the innovative application of science and technology, and the advanced digital stage monitoring system is icing on the cake for the innovation and development of stage art in Shandong.


  Yu Xuejian believes that the interaction between actors and spectators as a "life" and "art" concept is a new form of artistic performance space in the future. "Stage art will show the new and new style of the concept of" great dance beauty "in the comprehensive cooperation of the frame stage, theatre stage and field, natural, artificial and scientific and technological innovation.

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