Meggie Grand Theater project in Shanghai

  In April 10th, the audio and video solution of "digital stage supervision system" of HDD was successful in the bidding of the stage reconstruction project of the Meggie Grand Theater in Shanghai.

  The scheme integrates the audio video system, network system, signal shielding system, sound amplifying system and other LED display systems required for all theaters to fully fit the stage application and form an effective and complete audio and video integration solution required for the theater. Change the traditional stage supervision and control and control and control equipment in various ways, different standards, incompatibility, complicated system, complicated operation, easy to make mistakes, inconvenience and limited distance, easy to be disturbed by signal, low security, high cost and many disadvantages, and comprehensively raise the stage coordination scheduling, command and dispatch. Efficiency ensures the safety and fluency of stage performance and on-the-spot command and dispatch.

  The technology used in the "digital stage supervision system" audio video solution is one of the research achievements of the "12th Five-Year science and technology support plan" of the scientific research team of the Heng de science and technology limited company. It has reached the international level, filling the market gap in this field in the domestic and foreign markets, and is the innovation of the integration of culture and technology. The demonstration products of the product have been paid attention to by the leaders of the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of culture and so on. It will be a great innovation and progress in the improvement of the equipment and equipment of literature and art. This solution will be the standard of the Meggie theater to establish an effective and exemplary role in the integration of audio and video in the theatre.

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