sales representative


  1. College degree or above, marketing and other related majors;

  2. More than 1 years working experience in sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred.

  3. Outgoing, responsive, expressive, strong communication and communication skills with affinity.

  4, have certain market analysis and judgement ability, good customer service consciousness;

  5. Responsible and able to work under great pressure.


  Software Engineer


  1. graduated from computer, electronics, communication, automation and other related majors.

  2. proficient in one or more programming languages in C/C++, C# Objective -C or Java.

  3. with Android SDK development experience, multiple system integration, data interface, control signal interface, and other two practical work experience for more than 2 years, can be used to break the record.

  4. good analytical and problem solving skills.

  5. has good document writing ability;

  6. good English reading and writing skills and basic listening and speaking skills.

  7. good communication skills and teamwork spirit


  System designer


  1, communication, electronics, information engineering, signal processing and other majors.

  2. More than five years of practical experience in communication engineering and Internet of things product R & D

  3, engaged in research and development of inertial navigation, the above requirements can reduce the requirements, and give priority to employ.


  Advanced hardware engineer


  1. Bachelor degree or above (specialist with more than 5 years working experience), electronics, automation, communications, electronic information engineering related professional;

  2. Experience in PCB circuit design, computer system integration and IT project development is preferred.

  3. The key project of "211 Project" has been graduated for 2 years, and has been engaged in electronic hardware development.


  Network Engineer


  1. college degree or above, data communication experience.

  2. the graduating students are required to have a network foundation, good English and good communication skills.

  3., we can solve problems by analyzing the most effective use of existing resources;

  4. broad knowledge of the telecommunications industry, especially the Internet, servers, VOIP and voice technology.

  5. there are CISCO or HUAWEI network certification priority;

  6. have the priority of system integration experience;

  Integrated circuit design engineer


  1. Electronic Science and technology, integrated circuit engineering, solid digital circuit, Analog Circuit Foundation;

  2. The software or hardware can be developed according to the needs. It can draw the board level schematic and PCB diagram independently, and can use all kinds of testing tools (multimeter, oscilloscope, precision power, etc.) as well as program download tools.

  4. More than 2 years experience in analog and digital circuit design and debugging, familiar with C/C++, using Protel and DXP software to draw PCB diagrams;

  5. Knowledge of product testing, voltage / insulation, EMC/EMI and type test methods and standards, and the corresponding implementation methods required for testing products are preferred.

  6, with strict logical thinking, steadfast work attitude, positive enterprising spirit, good communication skills and teamwork spirit.


  System integration engineer


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronics and communication. More than 1 years relevant work experience, project management experience, computer integration project manager qualification is preferred.

  2. Strong hands-on ability and certain computer application ability. Have a certain understanding of IT products, can complete the installation and debugging of servers, switches and other products.

  3, familiar with the use and configuration of the mainstream operating systems.

  4, familiar with information network, multimedia system, integrated wiring system, and other intelligent weak current system engineering design, installation and debugging. Proficient in using AUTOCAD and other engineering software, and be able to design simple engineering drawings.

  5. Serious work, strong sense of responsibility, hardworking and hard working, good communication and coordination ability.

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