Qingdao Guoxin stadium project

  In October 25, 2017, the conclusion of the joint commissioning of the central LED screen of the Qingdao national letter gymnasium and the circular LED atmosphere screen of the gymnasium of the Nanjing Guoxin gymnasium through linkage debugging and the acceptance of the related expert group, which means that the project finally reached the owner's expected effect and was successfully delivered to the owner's hand. In the middle.

  Qingdao Guoxin gymnasium can meet the requirements of the national sports meeting, urban sports meeting and the world single competition after the building of the indoor bucket screen and ring screen. It also satisfies the multi-media display system of advertising promotion, literary performance, mass sports fitness, leisure and entertainment and so on.

  The display content of the display screen is synchronized with the computer display output through the hardware mapping technology. That is, the pixels of the two are corresponded to one by one. Whether it is two, three-dimensional animated, video and text, or the information transmitted by the LAN, it is displayed on the LED display screen synchronously. The display controller is the core component of the LED display screen. The system supports the hot backup function of the double network line. When the single channel signal fails, it does not affect the normal play of the display screen, and provides the warning signal to the control room, which is convenient for the control room to be repaired in time.


  The project consists of a central bucket LED screen and an annular LED atmosphere screen. The bucket type LED screen has four layers of structure, the first layer is eight faceboards, the billboard is the billboard, the second is the eight screen, the third is the four side screen, and the fourth is the ring screen. The central bucket LED screen has the whole lifting function, the remote power management function, the remote screen operation function and so on. The ring LED atmosphere screen has the remote power management function, the remote screen operation function and so on.

  Since our company has undertaken the project, although the project is tight, the task is heavy, the difficulty is high, and the risk is high, it will only take 45 days from the design to the completion of the construction and the final acceptance. During this period, he made full use of the rich experience in the digital stage construction project, the audio video system construction project and the computer system integration project, and drew on the design concept of the NBA stadium and Beijing Wukesong Gymnasium, and put into a set of high level design team, high capability construction team and high quality management team. Wu's implementation team, combined with the advantages of Nanjing Luo Pu in LED products, achieved perfect cooperation and finally completed the project successfully.


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