Qingdao Skynet project

  In February 2016, Heng de Technology Co., Ltd. won the bid for Outfield equipment installation of Qingdao social security Skynet project. Qingdao Skynet works mainly through the installation of video surveillance equipment in traffic main road, public security card port, public gathering place, hotel, school, hospital and complex place of public security. Using video special network, Internet, mobile network, all video surveillance points in a certain area are spread to the monitoring center. The classification of image information, such as public security cases, traffic violation and urban management violation, provides reliable image data for strengthening urban comprehensive management, prevention and attack crime and sudden public order accidents, so as to ensure the safety of people's life and property. During the construction of the whole Skynet project, we have completed the project entrusted by Party A in accordance with the aim of high attitude, high professional and high spirit, and unanimously won the admiration of the public security leaders of the city.

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