Intelligent scheme for export processing zone

  The smart Park, supported by SMAC (social network, mobile Internet, large data analysis and Cloud Computing), is rapidly infiltrating in China, and the key parks in China are gradually carrying out intelligent construction and transformation. The project uses SMAC technology, Internet of things, intelligent visual perception technology and virtual reality combination technology to build highly intelligent Export Processing Zone on the west coast.

  This project, based on intelligent perception, establishes an information fusion system for all networking facilities in the park, and combines the GIS GIS to monitor the whole park intuitively, and uses the intelligent decision and intelligent guidance of the cloud computing output. In the 3D GIS map, the real-time video monitoring, disaster alarm, underground pipeline monitoring, indicator lamp signal lamp and personnel positioning are added to display the operation status of the whole park more intuitively. In addition to public services, the platform also integrates park management, public information and other service modules to truly achieve a leap from intelligence to wisdom.


  HDT takes the whole park on the spot, and combines the satellite image to build a real-time 3D GIS system. The front end device of the perceptual layer uses high definition IPC to realize the high definition video collection. At the same time, to meet the different needs of the various application scenes of the front end, the IPC of different types and different functions is recommended. The perceptual layer also includes people. The GPS locator, all kinds of sensors and transmitter and so on; use the NVR storage mode to store the real-time video, realize the high reliability and high cost performance of the storage system; deploy the modular and integrated video integrated platform, and combine the video image, personnel location information and security letter superimposed in GIS with the high-definition display screen. A unified video information management application platform is established to realize unified management of the system; video quality diagnosis technology is introduced to ensure the stable operation of the system; the old system is fully considered, the new and old system is realized seamless connection, the cost is reduced, and the resource waste is reduced.

  Video surveillance system and GIS superposition


  The visualization of the underground pipe network resources supports the random view of all the information of the underground resources. According to the role of underground resources, the identification of different colors can be used to record the corresponding record of safety hidden danger.

  Arbitrary segmentation of panel screen in monitoring room


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