Heng de technology helps urban road lighting, innovation

  In September 2015, Heng de science and Technology Co., Ltd. completed the design and construction of the lighting project of Beijing road lamp in Qingdao bonded port area. This project is a light lighting of some sections of the bonded port area. The project uses a large number of LED point light source, LED controller, switching power supply and street lamp timing device to realize the road lamp post LED in the set time. Point lights automatically lit, dynamic display of various colors, beautify the city, enhance the image of the city.

  According to the needs of the customers, the company sets out the construction plan, determines the construction program, the flow direction, the construction method, the labor organization, the technical choice, the organization measures and the construction, and completes the labor, machinery, materials, objects and all kinds of semi-finished products. The layout and construction of field facilities such as transportation, roads, site utilization, hydropower and energy guarantee should be planned.

  Lighting effect diagram of street lamp


  Actual effect of Engineering

  With the theme of "Better City, Better Life" in Shanghai World Expo in 2010, urban construction has more and more impact on the life style and quality of life of modern people, and the construction of urban lighting engineering plays an indelible role in the development of the city. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard, only lighting street lamps can no longer meet human needs, social development and commercial competition needs. For urban buildings and public spaces, such as city square, commercial culture street, tourist landscape, memorial building, historical buildings, cultural buildings, main government office buildings and traffic buildings, the design and implementation of lighting engineering, with advanced floodlight innovation technology equipment, display its rich and colorful night, The light image of clear level and distinctive features, a place of light environment which has high grade, good quality and suitable for the city image, can be very good to support the city's solemn, friendly and elegant style, so that the city has a stronger sense of the times, thus increasing the attraction of the city space and fully displaying the information of the urban environment and culture and the information of the city's environment and culture. Its architectural aesthetics. Therefore, the implementation of lighting project, such as street lighting, has a positive impact on the development of the city's tourism and tourism, and the improvement of the living environment. It can also bring great social benefits to the city.

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