Hengde Technology Co. (Ltd) - (hang de digital dance beauty Technology Co., Ltd.) is jointly established by the Central Opera House and the central place of the Qingdao hang de place group, approved by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and registered in the west coast economic new area of Qingdao, with a note of 80 million yuan. The company is in the aspects of digital dance beauty technology, intelligent fire control and dispatching, emergency command and dispatch, public safety early warning, digital fusion communication, intelligent city construction, audio video, intelligent communication, network planning, multimedia engineering, electronic engineering, network and information integration, security monitoring and control project design and construction. For professional products, technical services and solutions, it is a high-tech innovation enterprise which integrates scientific research, development, production and operation of digital products.
    Since its founding, the company has a wide range of talented people and a strong technical and scientific research strength. At present, the company has a number of independent core technologies, patents and copyright, and bears a number of scientific research tasks in the state and provinces and cities. The research and development and application of the digital stage integration system based on rapid creativity and virtual interaction is listed in the country. "12th Five-Year" science and technology support plan and national "cultural and technological innovation project". As one of the demonstrative products of digital public cultural service equipment at home and abroad, "digital stage supervision system" has been formally used in many theatres, such as the Central Opera House, the Shenzhen Grand Theatre, the Xi'an theatre, the Qingdao theatre and the Meggie theater in Shanghai, and has been successfully evaluated by the science and Technology Bureau. The expert group agreed that the research results of Heng de science and technology have reached the international leading level, not only filling the market gap of digital stage integrated equipment products, but also driving the stage of China's stage supervision and control dispatching system into the era of digital and intelligent. The new intelligent fire rescue and rescue command and dispatch system developed by the company in 2017 has integrated the traditional fire rescue and Internet communication technology. The project results through the standardization of the relevant departments and reached the international leading level, filling the gap in the field of fire and rescue at home and abroad, and effectively improving the different fire fighting equipment and departments. The efficiency of information communication between the two departments has raised the level of China's fire fighting equipment and all kinds of emergency rescue capabilities.
    At present, the company has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and other systems. It has obtained the first level of safety technology to prevent engineering design and construction units certificate, audio and video integrated engineering enterprise qualification certificate, system integration qualification, urban road lighting professional contracting and other industries.

    In the intelligent emergency rescue command and dispatch, the intelligent fire rescue and rescue command and dispatch system is an advanced indoor emergency rescue position positioning and supervisory control system which is developed by Heng de science and technology limited company to solve the shortcomings of the existing technology of the fire system. The system adopts the core algorithm of independent intellectual property right, the positioning accuracy and the quality of the video picture return to the international advanced level of the same industry. The system successfully combines the traditional fire rescue with the Internet communication technology. It has now reached the international leading level through the standardization evaluation of the Bureau of Science and technology and filled the domestic and foreign fire rescue collar. The gap in the domain. The "intelligent fire rescue and rescue command and dispatch system" is mainly applied to the position of firefighters and the surrounding environment monitoring under the environment of the indoor emergency rescue, so as to realize the rapid and effective detection of the trapped and distress teammates in the indoor range, and can monitor the environment of the firefighters in a three-dimensional and intuitive way, so that the front and back field command and adjust. More timely and convenient, effectively improve the cooperative combat capability, effectively improve the efficiency of information and communication between different fire equipment and systems, improve the level of fire equipment and all kinds of emergency rescue ability in our country, so as to effectively reduce the casualties in the fire fighting and rescue work, and finally realize the science and technology. The force of strong military science and technology is strong.
    In the field of science and technology, the company combines with the Central Opera House, the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Beijing Institute of Technology, the Shandong University of Science and Technology and the strong strengths of the company. At present, we cooperate with the Central Opera House to build China's first digital culture base. The total investment of the base project is 2 billion yuan. The construction includes digital dance beauty research and development joint laboratory, modern dance beauty technology research and development center, international cultural bonded center, digital Chinese drama Exhibition Center, digital dance beauty Technology Application Institute, digital dance beauty technology industry, china dance beauty industry network, dance beauty. Chemical technology product headquarters trade area and so on. The project involves the dance beauty industry from R & D design, creative design, drama creation, technology product manufacturing, engineering service, technology service, market transaction, talent training to cultural performance, forming a integrated upstream and downstream industrial chain. The base project is highly valued at the national and provincial levels, and is listed as the Ministry of culture "the key project of China's cultural industry in 2014", "key cultural industry project" of Shandong province and the "high end service industry ten million square meters project" in Qingdao.
    In the aspects of public security early warning and emergency command and dispatch, the "public security early warning and scheduling system" developed by the company's scientific research team adopts the collection of data collected from the Internet of things, large data analysis, modern digital image processing, audio and video intelligence analysis, computer control, computer network, multimedia and other advanced technologies. The multi-function early warning and emergency dispatch platform of collection, data analysis, early warning and release, pre plan execution and command and dispatch, improve all weather, full time, omni-directional early warning and release and emergency rescue command system, improve the level of early warning and emergency dispatch efficiency of public safety events, and reduce public safety to a great extent. As a result of the occurrence and reduction of losses, the achievement has reached the leading level in the industry, with strong applicability, wide application and broad prospects for development.

    In the design and construction of audio and video intelligent communication, multimedia engineering, security monitoring and control engineering, the company has strong technical and talent support. It can provide all users with all kinds of security and network services, such as pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. The company covers the major industries such as government, military industry, enterprise and education. The company's projects include the Qingdao Huangdao district police brigade comprehensive audio and video project, Qingdao Huangdao District Public Security Skynet project, the West Coast export processing zone security early warning and prevention project, the national letter stadium video management project, the Shanghai Meggie Grand Theater. Shenzhen Grand Theatre, Xi'an Popular Theatre, Yunnan Dali youth activities center, western Yunnan Applied Technology University, Qianxi culture and technology center and other national cities, such as the stage transformation projects, the company technology and construction team with professional services have been well received by the cooperation unit, the company can provide service scope: Security Monitoring system, burglar alarm system, intelligent community system, intelligent transportation system, LED display system and other systems integration business.
    The company is committed to the future development of the most forward-looking, the most influential digital dance beauty, intelligent emergency rescue command, intelligent city, intelligent community, digital security, public safety early warning, emergency scheduling and other leading technology leading enterprises. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "virtue, dedication, forward looking and win-win", the company adheres to the core values of "integrity, cooperation, learning and innovation", adhering to the principle of "honesty and service first", and wholeheartedly with the most advanced technology to provide all users with high quality products and perfect service, and the vast number of users. Cooperation with colleagues, cooperation and win-win.

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